I’m a career musician with a lifestyle geared towards creativity.

I’m an experienced song writer, having written and produced my own musical in Los Angeles (The House of Finnegan), written for Songwriter Magazine in the UK, released over 50 songs of my own on Spotify, co-written with various other artists, managed and fronted bands, and currently perform and tour as a lifestyle.

I’ve worked out what makes me happy: Writing and being creative. There is no reason for me to ever stop doing that, and there is no reason why I won’t constantly improve. It takes a while to work out who you are, and what you really want, but I’m glad to say that journey is over for me. Now it’s just a matter of continuing to put it into practice.

I’m based in London, UK. I am passionate about being a better songwriter. I am proud of my trajectory so far, and if I stay on the straight and narrow, I don’t put limits on what I can achieve.

Feel free to drop me a message/ connect on facebook, insta, twitter or watch my videos on youtube.


Studio work in Gracia, Catalonia.
Shooting the ‘Avalanche’ music video in Iceland