Dear You,

It’s been forever. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to since forever.

Currently writing from atop a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship in the Port of Gibraltar. I am still in a Take That Tribute band…. going on 10 years now, and it has turned into a fantastic job. We do about 100 shows a year. Last year I performed to over 100,000 people. It’s not my music but it pays well and it gets me out of the house 2 days a week, and the occasional cruise ship adds to the joy. The production on the ships is excellent, super professional, and we get very well looked after whilst on board.
I have settled into London. For a while I was travelling to LA to work on a musical I wrote. I was working in the UK on weekends and LA weekdays, commuting for a couple of months… it was the rock n roll life. Sadly it’s hard to get a new musical off the ground anywhere… but we had a two week run in the El Portal in Noho. I had a brilliant time and wrote some real crowdpleasing songs. If you’re interested, there is a half hour series of videos I created, kind of a mini documentary playlist of the making of the musical on my youtube channel.
When the musical closed I spent some years in the wilderness, not writing music, but instead setting myself up financially. The band helped me get a deposit on a flat in Leicester. I also started a small cycling tourism business – – and that’s growing. A couple days a month I work for and audit staff, organise HR and play with spreadsheets. The business focus in these years has been good for me. I wear my business skills like a badge.
But too much business is not good for a creative. In December 2015 my focus swung back to songwriting in a massive way. I rented a room in a house with a grand piano. I took my guitar and I wrote songs for a month. Most of my new material was written in this era. It was a poignant time for me emotionally and I don’t know how I wrote the songs I wrote, but they came out great. I have been producing these songs since 2016 and have recently finished a batch of 4 on an EP called ‘Open’ that at the time of writing are getting some great industry attention. Stream ‘Open’ on Spotify.
I started the website as that’s exactly what I am and always will be. I want exposure for my songs. I don’t do it for the money. I would happily choose a big sync over $10,000 cash in my pocket any day.
I wrote an article for Songwriter Magazine and performed my original Music on Norwegian Cruise Lines, plus about 1000 other shows since I first started writing.
I currently work with producers in 4 different countries. I catch up with them when I travel, but most of the production is done remotely these days. I would love for you to listen to my new songs. they are at I would love to know what you think, as well as the music video for Avalanche I shot in Iceland. That was painful.
How are things with you? Drop me a message/ connect on facebook, insta, twitter, youtube.


Studio work in Gracia, Catalonia.
Shooting the music video in Iceland