The Personality Project

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The Personality Project – a new concept album from Steve Kopandy


Announcing my latest project, The “Personality Project”, a quadruple EP of 4×4 songs.


The concept for this album is the Myers Briggs 16 personality types. I’ve created a track for each of the 16 types. They are being released in batches of 4. Each batch of 4 songs has a distinct feel, flavour, genre and theme. The goal of this project was to search within myself the boundaries of my own personality, and the limits of how far I could stretch myself in all different directions.


The result is a collection of songs that sound different, but are tied together by the current of personality, and the validity of every person’s nature and feelings.


The first EP was the self-produced, Melancholic EP entitled “Polar”, a heartbreaking record which explores feelings of loneliness, helplessness, darkness, yearning and loss. The lead track “Old” is a song about the fear of getting old, not wasting time, growing up too fast and missing out.


The second EP entitled “Open” will be released on 27 June 2018 and features the lead track “More Than a Shot”. Here we move into a position of hopefulness, persistence, togetherness, and overcoming. “Avalanche” and “Fall into Place” are songs about letting go of the future and living in the moment, while “Release” is an exciting emancipation and escape song based around a love affair. This EP was produced by David Carr.


The third and fourth EP’s are well under way. These EP’s are going to be completely different again in a way I haven’t really mapped out in anything other than my very organised, yet often secretive, head.


Each EP will have a colour temperature. Polar was Blue, Open is yellow. EP’s 3 and 4 will be red and green. Each EP is also recorded in a different way, with different producers and approaches to tracking and layering.

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