The Personality Project – Update 2

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The Personality Project is a concept album I am in the middle of creating. It consists of 4 EPs (16 songs), one for each of the Myers Briggs personality types.

The EPs are Polar, Open, Graded and the final EP will come later in 2019 (yet to be named, but mostly recorded).

The reason I’m doing this is because I want to explore the limits of my style, sound, lyrics and personality. I believe that we are adaptable beings. We can change our situations when we choose to, and despite the unfamiliarity, we can not only survive, but thrive.

If you identify as a certain type of person, how much of that is nature, and how much of that is nurture? How much of that is inherited, and how much is learned? How much would you keep, and how much would you give away?

The only thread that ties these 4 batches of songs together is how different they are. And that’s something I’ve decided to celebrate.

The first single from Graded, ‘Chemistry’ is coming out on 27 June. It features Cat Mead on vocals (who also appears on ‘Deep Space Connection (the Polar EP) as well as other songs in my back catalogue (because she’s awesome).

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I look forward to bringing ‘The Personality Project’ to you in full soon.



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