Switch it off

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A friend of mine who lives in South Africa recently told me about the blackouts that have been happening every evening. No power, no internet. It’s apparently some kind of political/economic crisis in the country.

Sounds like bliss to me.

No power means we have to find other stimuli for our minds such as reading books, playing musical instruments (the ones that don’t need to be plugged in), socialising, deep thinking, exercising, or writing. These are all things I really enjoy doing. I’m only on the internet because everybody else is on it. I want it to be acceptable and normal for me to be unavailable.

This week is heaven. I’m on a cruise ship in the Atlantic for 3 days. No internet (unless you buy it). I have pro-tools for music editing (offline), and I’m performing just one evening. I get dropped off on a warm island and fly home refreshed, paid, and having achieved a lot creatively.

It’s the simple things. I feel very lucky.



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