Self Promotion Conundrum

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I did a post a few weeks back about Social Media and it’s addictive nature.

I took a big break from Social media for a few months up until now. I don’t want to be scrolling through distractions when I could be making songs, getting outside or generally being more productive. I felt better for it. It was a great ħéadspace to be in and a place I thought about staying. I wondered how to best build my music career avoiding social. Just focus on quality music, and people will find it, labels and publishers will find it, everything will work itself out.

In principle I still believe in this approach. And this is my conundrum.

Ditching social media is a massive risk for a musician. The industry has an appetite for buzz. Apparently if you’re not active on social, and there’s no buzz, you’re going to find it harder to get the attention of those that might want to invest in you. And I know why. It takes effort. It takes time, energy, money and a LOT of effort. I value things which require effort to achieve, and I value people who put a lot of effort into achieving them. I think that’s naturally a good thing.

But in addition to effort, it draws focus. The more time I spend self promoting, the less time I am working on my craft. But that’s not the saddest part. I’m also feeding a machine that is built to distract, addict, misprepresent humanity and consolidate corporate and political power. I am so sorry for contributing to this.

But I looked at the alternative. What if I got a big song placement in a film without the use of social media? Did it all by ignoring social and pitching directly to someone. To be honest, I would go to social media because I would want to shout my successes. I would want everyone to know. And I’d enjoy sharing the news. So if social is good enough for good news, when I’m happy and successful, why isn’t it good enough for telling the story of the effort, the heartache, the pain, the pushing and the failing as well?

I have made the decision to get active on social again. To push for Youtube subscribers, Spotify followers, facebook likes and shares and all the other things a “good” musician “should” be doing. This is catch up work as I could have been doing this better in the last few years. When I am caught up, I have bigger fish to fry. If social media annoys you, I also have a mailing list. It takes effort to reach you. Make it easier for me!

Hard work, in my experience, is rarely unrewarding, so I’ve got that part covered. I’ll keep working hard creating and promoting but I also take peace from knowing that my future is ultimately not under my control and I look forward to whatever is coming next.



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