Rural Rangemaster

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I was saying to David Carr, long time friend, that coming to his studio to work was relaxing. Rangemaster is in the Dandenong Ranges, East of Melbourne. It’s quiet, charming and atmospheric. Not as much happens in David’s studio as in Soho or the like.. and that adds to the appeal. It’s the pace of studio life that everyone should experience from time to time.

I arrived for 4 days of guitars, pianos and mixing. Despite the pace, we got a lot done in those 4 days. Had the VoxAC30 mic’d up with the Les Paul Classic and some kind of Hofner. Had the mini grand tuned up and sounding sweet. Had the mindset and the beds to make it all happen.

The beds (drums, bass, some pianos, some pads, vocals) were all edited and ready for the final guitar layers. Have never worked this way with David before and wasn’t sure about bringing in such a great and proven producer so late in the piece, but it worked. David could hear what the songs wanted and came up with brilliant ideas. This chorusy piece in ‘Release’ or a charged up overdriven ‘Avalanche’. It all just fell into place beautifully.

Jared Hascheck (pianos and string arrangements) came and visited us one morning and got on the baby grand. He just plays from the soul. I was under no pressure. I just watched the session pros at work, making magic with my songs.

There’s something about working with people you have known for years in the studio. There’s a lack of worry, stress, time concern, quality control, control (or need for it). You just know what you’re gonna get and you get it.

One of the best weeks of my life. My happy place

baby gp


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