The Cost / Benefit of Rest

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I love how the busyness of December pretty much falls off a cliff for a couple of weeks as we gradually ease into a new era.

2019 was the year I learnt how to rest. Released an EP in July and haven’t touched music since. Had mum in Europe for a six week holiday. Close friend had a personal tragedy so I shut down the inbox for 10 days. Started ‘Woke Wednesdays’ where I clear my schedule once per week and look after my soul for a day. Spent the first 9 days of 2020 sunbaking in Morocco.

But don’t call me lazy.

Doing 100 gigs a year is tough – but I love it.
Managing two Airbnbs – tough but I love it.
Building Cycle Cities – I constantly feel the love from all the partners, and I love it.
Launching a new tourism industry conference? Sure!

People ask me how I fit everything in. The secret is doing nothing. It’s the space in between the notes that makes the music beautiful. It’s the space between the work that makes the work happen.

I have so much energy now. I went balls-to-the-wall on stage last night. I’m flyin emails round like an orchestra conductor. I’m building a team to help make a success of the next big-ass project; the Bookdirect Symposium.

I’ll probably write some more songs in 2020, when the time is right. For now I’m focussed on the ‘now’.

It’s Sunday, stop what you are doing. You have time. Listen to your body. You will be surprised how many hours there are in a day when you stop planning the future.

Monday will thank you.

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