Just do it

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I am happy with myself for just getting it done.

This time a week ago I had plans to shoot 1 music video on Thursday. By the time Sunday arrived I had shot 2 + performed a half hour live show on my rooftop – my first live acoustic show in 5 years.

I just got into the work mode. I saw an opportunity and I went for it. Recording in Devon. Shoot a video. On the Roof in London. Shoot a video. Weather looks good tomorrow.. rehearse a set.. invite friends.. shoot a video.

It’s great to get in the frame of mind and just get things done when you can. I don’t expect to not have to work hard. I don’t expect it to be an easy road. But the work I got done this week has been so rewarding.

And I couldn’t have done it without my brilliant friend and videographer Tom Vaughan. He was a yes man. When you want to get stuff done you need guys like Tom on the job. He and I did 5 shows and shot 3 videos in the space of 6 days. Very little rest. And editing to come!

My friends who came to the rooftop set took advantage of the beautiful sunset and I am so glad they came. Photos and video soon.


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