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It’s a very crazy month.

Every February is.

January is Australia month, the holiday, the reconnect with family and friends. Feb is back to the grind.

Ever had someone decide they couldn’t catch up with you because they were ‘busy’. What they mean is ‘I have higher priorities’. Which is fine. I think busy is a friendlier way of saying it. And maybe if they were less busy, there would be less priorities above you, so more chance of a catch up. So busy is valid.

The amount of work you can do is limitless. It’s up to us to prioritise. On the phone with an excellent friend yesterday, apologising for being busy, but clarifying that I have had higher priorities. It shouldn’t be taken the wrong way. And my friend knows this is a season for me. Every Feb is the same.

Last March, I was less ‘busy’. I don’t let things carry over. We do it. We draw a line about the 28th, and we move to a different phase.

David emailed me last night. 3 new tracks are mixed. Mp3s will arrive to me any moment. I have an exciting day ahead and the music still has momentum in my absence.


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