‘Avalanche’ Video Locations

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The Music Video for ‘Avalanche’ was shot in Iceland on 3 and 4 July 2018

Here are the locations:

  • Opening Scenes Running on the Road

These were shot on the Reykjanes Peninsula, just outside Reykjavik. Not a touristy area, and the unpaved road was more rugged. This is a location that our driver, Telma, knew about and promised would work. It sure did deliver.

  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

The next couple of scenes were actually shot on the second day, heading South East from Reykjavik. We managed to get an angle with no tourists in the shot. It’s the only location we went to that had many tourists.

  • The Bridge

This abandoned bridge is just outside Selfoss. It was raining during the shot but the drone performed well. Its one of my favourite shots of the video, and a fortunate stumble upon to get a bridge so beautiful but closed to other users.

  • The Clifftop

This is in the middle of nowhere. It was shot on the first day, east of the town of Grindavik, on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Frank and I hiked about 45 mins to reach this isolated spot. Most tourists head south East from Reykjavik, or to the Blue Lagoon which is actually in this area, but tourists rarely go further.. So we had a huge open space to ourselves largely. Frank’s drone cinematography here is incredible, whilst he was also busy reminding me to not run off the edge of the cliff.

  • The Lake

Kleifarvatn.. Where we lost the jacket. Again very isloated and easy to find a beautiful backdrop. Not a breath of wind. We did many shots here including the shot where I slipped, and ran high over the ridge, as well as the shot near the end running along the beach, as well as one of the road shots. We spent about 2 hours in this location because there were new scenes to shoot around every corner. Was one of our most productive locations and added a lot of variety to the video.

  • The Big Green Valley

Frank’s cinematography almost does this location justice. It is my favourite shot of the whole video, and I knew it would be when we drove around the corner and saw these ridges and valley sprawled out before us. This is on the road Nesjavallavegur crossing the fault range that separates Reykjavik from the Southern region. It’s a long flat road until it reaches the mountain where you ascend a giant curve along a sweeping road. It’s hard to keep your eyes off the scenery and on the road. Such a special view, and hardly any cars/tourists, so close to Reykjavik, in the high season. On the lower flat areas we also shot the long straight road shots with the water pipe running parallel to the road. Frank didn’t mind the artificial infrastructure. He didn’t aim for pure nature and was happy putting a bit of an edge to the film. On the horizon of the straight road shots you can see the range where we shot the big valley. This was also some of the most painful running. Morning of the second day. I was hurting a lot. But that was the plan. Real emotion and pain. No better way to convey it.

  • Secret Waterfall

Again… we got great shots with no tourists. This waterfall is a little hidden away from Skógafoss waterfall, where all the tourists go. Here we also shot the river crossing scene, with just a couple tourists looking on. The water was freezing. I didn’t have to ‘act’ cold.

  • The Big Green Ridge

This was shot near Seljavallalaug on Eyjafjallajökull, the famous volcano that erupted in 2010.. We were below the icecap, but high above everything else. This was a perfect location for drone shooting and we spent a while here. It was about 30 mins hike from the road.

  • Black Sand Beach

Very close to Seljalandsfoss (In one of the shots you can see Seljalandsfoss waterfall in the background). It went for miles and miles so really gives the feel of openness and desolation. We came here twice, the second time to get drone shots and the closeups of the feet. So much potential in this location. The scream was filmed here as well, just as it started raining. The wind and cold hurt. This was our last shot on the south coast. I was dead. Wanted to go home.

  • The Beach (final shot)

Back in Reykjavik about 9pm. If you draw a line around the world at this latitude, I have never been anywhere further north than where this shot took place, let alone swam in the ocean there. We did this shot in the river but Frank wanted it at the beach. I had already been wet and cold in the river. I was all dry now. The sun came out for the first time. Also there were ducks in the ocean. I’ve Never seen ducks in the ocean before. Ducks kept swimming into shot and we had to wait for a gap before we could film the dive. Ducks would have taken the edge off a bit. We cut to black because I didn’t stay in the water more than one second.


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